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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 11 part 1

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Seigo Saiga, Acquire the Uryen

When you start out shoot Yukie and head down the shaft until it comes out then shoot the sniper to your left

Head into the mining office and down the stairs to the elevator controls

You need a Fuse. Modify the shotgun at the workbench and head down further into the mine

Once down kill the shibito mining near the storage room and head further you?ll see a toolbox

Grab the fuse and head back, the roof will collapse, jump down near the center shaft

Now that your down the hole, you?ll be on the floor with the Siren key from earlier head to the flooded room

If you followed my guide there will be no water here head back and examine the TNT in the wall

Head back to the ladder that goes back up to the other floor (kill the spider shibito)

Head back to the elevator controls and use the fuse and turn the power on (Yukie will come for you kill her)

Head back down to the West shaft level 2 and towards elevator C, use the call button

It will fall but you can still get down it, head down

Make a note of Elevator B and head down the stairs to the east.

You?ll see a maggot and a lit up area to your right head there and grab the wooden stake

Now head back to elevator B and go up it, A shibito will spot you, let him open the storage room

He?ll grab some bolt cutters and cut the wire holding the door shut when he does this you can kill him (Make sure not to kill him till he opens both doors)

Head inside the storage room and grab the Detonator, make sure you switch to the bolt cutters and then back to the shotgun

Now to the TNT down the ladder in the old flooded area

Use it and get the archive

Now back to the elevator controls turn off the power, time to go Brain hunting (guess who)

Head back up to the mining office and out the back door and up the hill,

If the sniper see?s you wait till he isn?t looking and head up on the bridge and kill the sniper

Now head towards elevator A (near the pumping station on map) you?ll see Yukie Kill her

Head over to her body and ?Drive the stake into her?

Now back to the elevator controls and turn them back on

Most of the shibito are dead now a few remain head down to elevator B again and go down

Head for the east stairs at the bottom and into the room with the maggot it?ll be dead

On the NW wall is a ladder go up it

Head down the path until you see a point that say?s ?Squeeze through? do so

Mission Complete