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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 12 part 1

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Sam Monroe, Discover the Truth

Once you start run for the door on the bus and head inside it

At the back grab the wrench again and head outside the maggot will crash through a wall and a scene will play out with Bella

Head for the room Bella opened and grab the archive. (Best to just let the maggot kill you here)

Once you restart head for the barrels beside Renaissance Grocery

Climb to the top and run for the door that is locked with luck you?ll beat the maggot here and get inside

Head up the ladder and run to the room with a soda machine and push it like you did earlier

Wait till the coast is clear and run out and up to the next level, and run for the lookout tower

Head up and check your map at the top you?ll see some antenna?s marked on it head for one and grab it

Objective is to hit the maggot with 3 antenna after that you?ll get a scene, and the fun begins

A Shotgun will fall from the sky after the scene (this was the most difficult part of the game for me) You need to protect Bella from the spider shibito, I tried this many many times, working on different ways to get it done, the best way I found was to grab the gun and hunker down in the corner kill as many spiders as you can on the ground and keep watching for ones up top

After a few times you?ll get it Mission Complete (Thank God! Did I mention I hated this part ^^)