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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Stuff I missed

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I played this game on Normal difficulty and I know I missed some stuff, here is what I missed first time through Items I Missed (you can go back and grab these after you get them you can quit the level.) Archive 9 Start Episode 2, Chapter 4 It is located on top of the lookout tower

Archive 12 Start Episode3, Chapter 2 On the third floor in the nursing station use the Emergency call button in room 303 to get her to come out

Then run into the station and grab archive 12

Archive 15 Start Episode 3, Chapter 4 After you climb the tree and are headed for the shed go to the Seal up here also make sure you use the water valve for a later archive And grab archive 15

Archive 23 Start Episode 5, Chapter 4 When you get to the graveyard examine each stone to find this archive you need to examine one twice and you?ll get it

Archive 25 Start Episode 6, Chapter 2 After you turn on the Siren run through the mining office and back up on the bridge to the elevator A and go down it, you need to find the shibito who gave us the shotgun and the shovel once there get the shovel and head back towards the mining office, but before you go through the gate to go up take the ladder in front of you

Up top it will say ?Dig? do so for archive 25

Archive 27 Episode 6, Chapter 4 Go back to episode 3 and use the valve with Howard Wright before doing this part After you pass under the tree jump down into the river

Then pass under the bridge and through the boards blocking the path

Then head up to the Shrine at the top of the hill and examine it for archive 27

Archive 38 Start Episode 10, Chapter 2 This is one I could not find but read how to do it (correction found it) Hide in the daughter?s room she?ll listen to the radio and draw, hide in her closet until she is alone up stairs get out yell and re hide she should leave examine the radio on her desk for Archive 38

And that's it make sure you pick up every weapon you see so it will get added to your archive. Written by Mike Shumate For ? High Quality Visual Walkthrough?s only 2008