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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 10 part 2

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Howard Wright, Break the four seals.

Head towards the tree you climbed the first time through this level

Once up there grab the Garden Hoe and note the broken hunting trap

Now head to Miyako she is in the Dilapidated shed if she is not there go there anyway and grab the hunting traps

Now find Miyako sightjack her and go to her

Head to a Seal on your map marked by dice either will do I went to ?Lion? first break the seal

Now to the Iron Gate break the chain and break the ?Man? seal

Now head to the tree bridge behind the Equipment storage garb a brush hatchet from there and head to the seal kill any shibito you see in this level

Break the ?Eagle? seal

Now head down the path to you left and swing a right at the bottom and close the floodgate

Head down till you see a shibito who is stuck in the field here murder him to stop the flies

Now head back to the shed you got the traps from

Once there jump off the bridge (kill the shibito here first) and head up the stairs you?ll be back at the top

You?ll see the broken hunting trap place a trap here and run through the map in a full circle, then come back

If done right you?ll here the trap spring as you come up the stairs, grab the archive and head down to the ?Bull? seal

Break it

Mission Complete