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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 11 part 2

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Howard Wright, Enter the Nest Core with Bella Monroe.

Make Bella wait and head to the back side of the Lucky Triangle and grab the metal pipe kill the fly

Now grab Bella and head for the first dice on your map it is a hole for Bella send her through it

Jump down and run to the door with slats covering it and break them down as fast as possible

Once inside get Bella from the Wash closet and head up the stairs in the back

At the top make Bella wait and head out the door and kill the spider shibito

Grab Bella and head out the door make a left instantly and head for the room at the end of the hallway

There will be a closet she can get through send her on her way and head back around the ?Adult? path

Once up to her level get her from inside the room and head out the back door

As soon as you go out it to your right is another hole for Bella send her through it

Then head up the stairs and down the hallway to the small room to the NW

Once back on solid ground head for abandoned house and head inside the back room

You will see a toy hanging from the roof hit it to make the spider?s come in the building then kill them

Shut the door as you leave to lock them in

Go grab Bella and head for the bridge make her wait on it

Sightjack till you see the Brain shibito (it will be where the sniper usually is)

Head over to the lever and use it again if you get spotted wait till the brain returns to normal and go KO it

Now head back to Bella and then to the Shop you found the 8mm film in (up the stairs to the SE)

Once inside examine the crack in the floor for an archive

Now head back to the Upper Arato Tunnel and climb to the top

Mission Complete