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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 12 part 2

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Howard Wright, Defeat Kaiko

Oh Joy, Time to kill Seigo off for good don?t worry he wants to die

When it starts shoot him in the face and run around the side of the bus then shoot him again, and repeat after 3 shots he?ll drop an archive nab it and shoot him some more

After a few more shots he?ll drop his shotgun and grab a katana stay away from him when he has the sword out

After a few more shots the Uryen Seigo gave you will activate

Use it on him and you?ll see a scene

Now you are about to facing the Real Baddie of the game Kaiko

As soon as it starts Sightjack and find Miyako?s sight she?ll guide you through the fight for the most part

After you get her locked in head for the spot she is showing you with her sight and ?Plunge into the fire?

After the scene get your Kaiko whoop oh slicing it when close after a few hit try and burn it with the Uryen

After you burn it hit it with the sword and then when it falls apart burn it again to beat the game YAY!