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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 10 part 1

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Episode 10

Bella Monroe, Escape From Tabori

At the start use the Advanced sightjacking to lock in all 3 family members, Mom, Dad, And Daughter

Watch mommy and daddy when she goes into the kitchen and he goes to the WC(wash closet) head Up stairs to the room he left the key in

Once you grab the key hide in the cabinet

When you see daughter leave her room head in there by the guitar is a Spool knitter grab it

Now head for the locked door with the sleeping shibito in it unlock it and head outside (you've got to creep by or he wakes up)

Hop down off the roof and head for the Detached room and go inside and grab the closet key

Now grab mommy?s sight and wait until she watches the TV and ring to doorbell

After she comes out the door head inside ducking and for the locked closet on the first floor

Inside is a Insect catching kit grab it and hide again till the coast is clear(don?t get caught or you?ll have to do this all over again)

After you have the kit and make it back up stair?s safely going from hiding spot to hiding spot head outside again

On the SE corner of the map is a pond, go near the tree and use the Kit you just got in the closet

After a few minutes run back and check on it you?ll get a Beetle

Now head for the Front gate once out it a scene will kick off, after it do a 180 and run away as fast as you can until the shibito chasing you lost sight

Now sightjack her and wait till she is on the other side of the building and try and unlock the gate

If she is far enough away you should be able to open it and get out

Mission Complete