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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 9 part 1

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Melissa Gale, Help Bella Monroe Escape.

After the scene turn around and run down the opposing stairs

Sightjack the shibito with a gun and lock him in

Wait till he looks away and jump down off the top of the fuel storage

At the bottom there is a hacksaw and Froe axe garb either and examine the point on the side for an archive

Then climb back up on top of the fuel storage pull Bella up and head back to the church

Kill the two shibito up there who have came to Worship.

Head down the South stairs and into the West fields

Head straight for the Equipment shed once near you?ll get a scene

A maggot now wants to eat Bella look for the 3 red barrels and yell at the maggot to draw attention picture- 2243 Knock over all the barrels for a scene

Use the lighter for another scene Mmmm Toasty

Mission Complete