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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 8 part 1

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Sol Jackson, Reunite with any survivors.

Climb down the ladder in front of you

Shut your flashlight off and walk forward towards the door.

After the scene, sightjack till you find the shibito patrolling the hall and back up into the corner

Wait until he makes his way back and go down the ladder he walks by

At the bottom you?ll see a switch on the side of the wall across the way

Down the hall and make the only right into a cove full of red water hide here after you use the switch

Wait till the shibito walks by, and run East down the shaft

At the end you?ll hook a left towards the stairs

Grab you Video camera here on the stairs

Walk up the stairs and execute the lookout shibito

Pick up her Nail hammer

And head back towards the ladder you?ll see the shibito you tricked kill him take his Pick

Run back towards the ladder but go past it until it ends and go right down the tunnel

Here will be a shibito getting drunk, Provoke a fight kill him and grab the Key

Now sightjack until you find the shibito patrolling the hallway upstairs lock him in

Head part way up the ladder wait until he goes into the storage room and kill him

Grab the archive inside the storage room

Now off to the SE down the mine shaft until you come upon and armed shibito kill it

Now with your rifle head to the ladder

Climb the ladder at the top run to the elevator for a Scene.

After the scene you are Sam Monroe

Sneak past the shibito staring At the controls you need to use and head upstairs, at the top take a right and go out the back door

Go up the hill and into the mine shaft, at the top of the path go to the cart you used earlier

Push it again just like last time but jump out on the bridge if you decide to jump in

Grab the rifle the shibito dropped on the bridge and head back to the one watching the panel

Shoot him and use the switch to turn on the elevators, scene

Back to Sol Jackson, go into the elevator and go up.

At the top unlock the door to the Pumping station

Inside shut off the pump for some stuff later apparently

Run down the hall till you see the shibito trying to kill Sam(He has a damn gun why don?t he use it?)

Sam will come to you Mission Complete