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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 7 part 2

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Howard Wright, Drive away the shibito Brain

Run to the other side of the bus and

Jump on and head to the back

Grab the wrench here and prepare yourself

Kill the 3 shibito spiders crawling around

Head towards the post box around the corner to your left

Climb on top of the barrels in the back of the hallway and continue up

You?ll end up on a roof top/Hut grab the Dagger to your left

Head out the opposite side and into the only door there

Climb the ladder

At the top will be 3 spider shibito?s murder them hastily

Run down the hall and push the soda machine

Head south towards the Curves sign and climb up

At the end of the path will be a ladder to climb and a crowbar grab the crow bar and head up the ladder

You?ll see a maggot shibito across the way pay it no mind and hop down

Break the lock to your right with your crow bar and nab the rifle, kill the 3 spider?s and head straight around the building in front of you

On the side will be a fridge you can examine do so

Sightjack the maggot and wait till it is looking away and make a run for the ladder on the smokestack.

After the scene wait for the Sam shibito to come to you and kill him

Grab the Can opener he grabbed in episode 2 and kill the other spider

Head back to the fridge you examined and use the can opener for an archive

Now wait until the coast is clear again and head back up the smokestack ladder

At the top follow the path on the map towards the Storehouse

Shoot or beat the lock off the door to the Storehouse

Mission Complete