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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 6 part 1

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Episode 6

Howard Wright, Take out the ?Pursuer.?

Head up the stairs and swing a left

Head to the nearby mine cart and push it. Jump in if you want.

(I walked and undid the traps in the tunnel they come in handy) Next head into the mining office

And head down stairs into the shop room under the office.

Switch the elevators on

Make note of the work bench you can examine.

Then continue to head down,

Once down inside the mine you can sightjack and play it safe

Or you can book it down towards the ladder,

Avoid the shibito for now, either way once down the ladder take the East path

Follow it all the way to the end there will be a Siren key here pick it up

(note the key is a checkpoint, and you can get a shotgun by dying here)

Once you have gotten the key just stand there until the shibito kills you.

You?ll spawn again at the key but with the shibito dead. Hmm?

Take his shovel to revel a double barrel shotgun hiding underneath it. Nifty! (I think this is a game glitch) Once you have the shotgun head back to the ladder you came down.

Don?t go up instead head down the small path to your right.

There will be a shibito brain hanging in the back kill him.

(Sometimes he is up the stairs where you got the shotgun) After he is down head back up the ladder

Now all shibito minus the Pursuer are dead now. Head back to that workbench we found in the mining office,

At the bench it will say ?Modify Shotgun? do so, now you have a broom stick.

You can go back up to the siren control room or down stairs and play in the elevator

They both pretty much take you the same place, the Siren control room.

At the top of the stairs in the mining office set a trap

Head into the Siren control room and activate it,

?Sometimes while playing this level for the guide different things happened here. sometimes there were 3 to 4 spider shibito that came sometimes there weren?t,?

Kill them if they come, and head into the Mining office,

Inside will be ?the Pursuer? hopefully caught in your trap, 1 shot and he goes down.

Mission complete