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Siren Blood Curse Walkthrough Episode 4 part 2

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Howard Wright Escape to Kawuwari with Miyako

After the cut scene run towards Miyako.

Head around the side on the buildings following the path, there will be a shibito on the right gardening kill him

Head to the building to your left & crawl under.

Once inside there will be a shibito roaming the halls kill it.

Notice the closet behind you when you start the level

And the box in the room to the left wired shut

Then head up stairs

In the first room you come to there are 2 hiding spots, picture- Have Miyako hide, make sure and grab the wire cutters part (b).

Head to the other 2 rooms, one has a shibito in it. The other is locked and you don?t have the key.

Head to the room with the shibito in it and kill it.

Grab the clock winding key, Head back down stairs and into the kitchen

Unlock the locked door and head outside,

Once outside head to the right and into the shed on your left

There will be a shibito inside execute him, and grab the closet key.

Head back in the kitchen and to the closet from the beginning of the level,

Unlock it and go inside and grab wire cutter parts (a)

Head to the Box wired shut in the room next to you,

Open it and get an archive.

Head back towards the kitchen and find the clock on the wall of the hallway,

Then sightjack until you find the shibito guarding the room key with a .38, lock him in

Wind the clock and run into the kitchen and shut the door,

He will either walk to the kitchen door or down the hallway execute him either way,

Take his gun and grab the key he was guarding

Now go get Miyako, picture- 0937 Head to the locked room upstairs,

Unlock it and go inside and shut the door behind you.

Go out the window

And to the right along to rooftop,

Avoid the hole in the roof

Jump to the shed then once again to the cliff edge

Follow the path..

Mission complete.

Cut scene