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Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough Follow Naz

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"When the introductory film ends, the scene of running away from police begins. Your task is to follow companion and complete the instruction displayed on the screen. Speed up by pressing X button.

When your companion get caught, run forward, going through next doors until you run into police blockade. Here the chase ends, and Wei goes to prison.

After the cut scene follow Jack, who'll take you to the room where you'll be attacked by a group of enemies.

You have to defeat them using the combination displayed. Square is for fist, circle for catching enemies. When you hold a thug, you can throw him at the ground (R2), hit (square) or break on the particular object (run at the wall with pressed X).

This last type use on the thug's leader, aiming at the highlighted object.

When you finish, you'll be introduced to Winston. Talk to him and go out with the rest of gangsters.

In the dark alley you task is to hold enemy's attack. When he lights on red, quickly press the triangle. Doing so, you make a counterattack which will stun your enemy. But remember, that pressing the button too soon makes you lose balance and you won't be able to retaliate for a while.