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Space Engineers Walkthrough Basics

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This "Tower" will be your best friend from henceforth. It is a combination of a Beacon (Gives you a pointer onto your HUD on just where exactly this place is)..

A nuclear reactor, responsible for powering everything onto the "space station" you're on currently..

A med-bay, which will be essential to your survival as It not only supplies your suit with power to keep the life-support systems going but It also heals and sustained damage you might have gotten from firearms or crashing into things. It will also serve as a respawn point as long as there is power. (T) to use.

Following those are two more boxes. One is called the Assembler. It is where you will construct things such as building materials and other necessities for ensuring survival.

The one above is called the Refinery. It takes raw ore and processes them into useful materials which are then placed automatically into the assembler below, which then awaits your instructions on what to produce.

To get started, go back to the build menu (G) and drag & drop this hand drill onto your toolbar.