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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Cult Investigation - Tanaab

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Oh boy, you're greeted by a fleet of Reborn and their pet mutant Rancor. Everything wants to kill you. You can ignore all the Reborn and let their "friend" eat them alive, just keep running.

You will find an elevated area at the rear end of the first room, press the switch to raise a crate to the ceiling, go to where the crates were to see that there was a door hiding behind them.

Go through the door and the Rancor will immediately smash the wall, still chasing you. Keep running until you see a conveyer belt.

First you need to flip this switch to be able to deal with the Rancor.

Then head inside the big room infront of the belt, fight off the Reborn and press the switch infront of you. That will take care of the Rancor.