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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Vjun- Outside Bast Castle

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Heading forward to the shelter ahead you will meet a guard, get his concussion rifle, it will make your life way easier in this mission.

Go right up the walkway and you will be met by two more guards, use the concussion rifle to clear them easily.

After killing them, you will be greeted by more enemies, clear all of the rooms down the hall and just keep walking forward ignoring side doors.

You will eventually reach this hall, take a turn to the right and go up the ramp. Checkpoint.

Once you're outside, you don't even need to fight the enemies, all you need to do is jump down and run all the way left.

More heavy guards will be trying to kill you while you're running around in the acid rain, use your concussion rifle to take them out and keep going.

Once you reach this ledge, you will need to jump across the acid pool, using the stones. Go right.

Immediately, you will see something you haven't spotted in a bit, shelter. Kill off the troopers and head inside.

Inside, you'll go through only one hall of enemies, without any side paths and end up on this catwalk. Go to the next door.

Next building will lead you into another jedi fight, use your special move to kill them both with a breeze and follow the path.

Slay all the troopers inside to reach a door that will take you on a platform with a gun on it, use it and take down the ship on your right.

Once you destroy it, just jump down and run right, you'll reach the next mission.