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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Vjun - Vaderís Castle

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Clear this first room then proceed through the green door.

In the next area you will face off a lot of Reborn, you can go through them easily.

Just keep going fighting off Reborn until you reach this window, you'll need to destroy the explosive to clear the path.

After clearing that room, you'll notice a passageway on the left of the big red door.

You can recharge ammo, shield and health here.

Going back, look for these crates to jump up them.

Here you will meet your first dual wielding Reborn, he's a bit tougher, but he's handled easily by spamming your special move.

You will enter a room with four pillars. Use the panel near them to begin a mini-gauntlet with enemies. Clear every enemy to open a door that leads to a lift.

Next dual wielding jedi, handle him quickly and climb up the stairs.

After fighting off all Reborn up the stairs, to your surprise you will meet.. Rosh. Don't use any weapons except for the lightsaber against him as he will push any projectiles away. And kill both of the Reborn that are trying to help him, to be able to easily take him out.