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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Cult Investigation- Dosuun

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You are immediately captured and imprisoned, but you can jump over this. You have no weapons yet.

First thing you see once you're out is a door, go through and pick up a weapon.

First enemies and you don't have a lightsaber! Shoot them down.

Next building, careful for the lasers, take care of everyone in the hallway.

Everything's locked, you ned to find the console to turn the defense off.

Kill this guy that's hiding in the corner to grab the security key for the locked room you saw.

A lot of enemies to shoot here, but there's an equal amount of medkits, so no worries

This switch will turn off the defense system and you will be able to use the doors again.

Go up the elevator around the corner.

Use the console here and you will unlock all doors.

Lasers, take care of them and progress.

Go back to the first floor, now the doors are unlocked, go through the double doored one, without a security key.

Fight off enemies and you will see a barrier protected room, destroy it and there will be medkits and a lot of ammo in there.

Take the bounty and progress.

There's one door we have missed, go through it and you'll end up on a shooting range.

Use the lever on the right to turn off the force field and shoot the wall down.

We are outside, shoot the explosive crate next to the window to blow it up and go through it.

More explosions, shoot this and go through the window to activate a lever unlocking more doors.

You can take the AT-ST, take it outside and kill everything including the other AT-ST, then go back inside, park it and jump back onto the catwalk you dropped off.

Now going around the path you will find a door and stairs that lead up to the next part.

Use the weapon to take care of the hunter again, shoot him a bit to make him run away.

Following the path you walk inside a building and get a checkpoint. Move around the hallway and eleminate the Imperials until you reach the far side.

Use the lever to open a door behind you that leads to an elevator.

You end up in a new hall and you meet your hunter friend again, use your force jump to climb up the platforms until you reach to top, watch out for his weapon. Fight him and once you're done you will get your lightsaber back and the mission will end.