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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Meet Contact- Zonju V

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This mission starts off on bikes, awesome! Take care off the bad guys trying to get you off your bike, or they run you over once you jump off it. You can use lightsaber.

Once the green bar on the left is full, you can turbo making you very fast, use this to pass the level faster.

After you walk a bit theres as shield and ammo recharge station on your right.

Leave your bike and jump over this area.

Take the next bike and proceed.

You can do fancy moves by double tapping the side movement buttons(A or D), but spamming it too hard will make you fly out of control and crash.

If you have issues like this, there's a free bike right after this area, drop off yours and be careful for the enemies, they one shot you if they go over you.

Grab the brand new bike and keep going.

Huge chasm, use turbo and be careful not to hit the wall on the right or hit an enemy, they try to crash into you mid-air.

New tunnels, just have to keep going and you have to watch out for enemies as more and more come.

You end up infront of a building, mission over.