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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Cult Investigation - Corellia

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Jump on the tram and run across it, you will end up infront of this door.

Kill the goons inside and run across the hall picking up everything, there's a switch disabling electricity at the end.

Running across the disabled electricity rods up the platform will lead you to another battle.

Once you're done, drop on the right side of the tram and run on it until you find an unlocked door, go inside.

Inside you will see a force field that you can destroy by slashing the rods on the sides, mind the enemies.

After climbing on top of the tram run across it until you reach this room, kill the sith and disarm the bomb.

Only running forward will get you to the last room, kill the goons and walk up to the control panel to finish the mission.