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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Mercenary Activity - Tatooine

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After you land on Tatooine and meet Chewbacca, you will have to beat the first enemies in the courtyard and you will head into this area, there's an Instant Medpack behind the big crate.

Progressing through the second enemies, you will reach another courtyard where you will have to look for a small door, while going through all of the enemies.

Door should look like this, will get you to next area.

Clear all of the cretins and exit through the small door on the right.

In the next area you need to kill the enemies and look for this door, as you approach it a cutscene will commence and you will end up behind a wall of rubble on the other side of it.

Go through the next door and you will end up in a room sectioned by a laser barrier, scoot around it or destroy it with a gun and clear all of the enemies.

Watch out fo the Hammerhead chucking detonators, wait for one to explode and charge him.

Follow the path and you will end up finding two switches in opposite rooms, turn them on and run back to your ship. Mission over.