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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Yavin Forest and Training

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First enemies that you will encounter in this game shriek at you, they're only encountered in the first area. Throw your lightsaber at them instead of meleeing.

Cut down the tree with your Saber Throw to progress,

It's your first jedi battle, easiest way to beat this guy is to use attack + alt attack for a special move.

Use your mind sense to reveal the blocks you can use to climb up and use force pull to make them pop so you can step on them.

You need to use your Force Speed to pass this challenge.

At the start of each mission you can pick weapons, you have lightsaber and blaster as default but you can pick out of more and more weapons as the game goes.

You can level up a Force power after completing a mission, speccing into Light/Dark can alter the storyline a bit.