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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Droid Recovery - Tatooine

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Your mission is to find the missing droid, move forward the path under the rocky arches. Near rocks there's provisions, kill the enemies.

Soon enough you will reach a cave on your left.

Going into it you will meet a bunch of raiders you need to defeat, follow the path while picking up provisions.

Once you're out of the cave, nothing less but more raiders await, slay them.

In some of the houses you can find ammo, medkits and shield boosters.

Go along the stone bridge after picking up provisions, it will lead to a second cave.

Inside the cave just charge the raider blocking the path and kill the rest of them with detonators, there's another medpack on the right.

Once you're out, you will see the Sandcrawler waiting for you, to get up, you need to pull the landing gear thats above you at the entrance.

Inside you will fight through more raiders and you will end up pressing a switch which will unlock the elevator below you.

See that anvil looking box? Pull it out of the way, you can do that with all of the boxes that look like that.

Progressing, you will end up in this room, you need to shoot the pipe in that spot to stop the lava.

Follow the halls to reach the droid, hidden behind another "anvil" box, that you can pull, activate the droid and it will escort you out.