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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Hoth - Echo Base

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You start off in a tunnel that leads down to the previous image, head down, once you drop down take care of the stormtroopers, you can use a detonator to easy kill them from the crate.

Going down the hall on the left you will reach a green-lit door.

Next room has four enemies right behind this wall down here, take care of them and take the right path.

Following that path will lead you to a stationary weapon, you really want to kill the stormtroopers running to it before they get to it.

Kill the stormtrooper and look for a medkit and shield recharge station.

Will help you a lot if you're hurt.

After that just go straight forward, you will reach a lift and a checkpoint.

Going up be ready for a fight.

Room after the lift puts you in a fight versus a group of stormtroopers, easiest way to fight them is to just rush them down.

If you follow the left path there you will be surprised by two stormtroopers, one of them with a big gun.. careful!

Now you just need to follow the path, you will end up killing a lot of stormtroopers here until you reach the next point.

Make sure you use the shield generator on your right before going down the elevator, more stormtroopers coming!

Take care of all of the goons in the first room and follow the halls, but be careful as they are heavily-guarded.

Eventually, you'll reach the command center, time for the story to progress.

Toughest fight yet, hopefully you have Force Protect, it will help you. Using the special attack plus a few attacks will kill him.

Wind through a metal tunnel own into the next area, you will see a wampa, take care of him and grab the shield and medkit from the crate.

You will end up infront of a door looking like this.

If you thought last guy was tough, you will enjoy this, she's super strong and likes to use force pushes.

Make sure you have Force protect on and throw saber hits at her, when she's had enough she will run away and the mission will be done.