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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Covert Operation- Kril'dor

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You start off infront of a big hanger, go in and fight off the enemies.

Head up the elevator on the right of the room, there's a recharge station next to it aswell.

Next room there's a laser turret right above you, take it out with your lightsaber throw or a gun.

Go around the walkway outside, watch out for the flying stormtrooper, he's really dangerous and go into another room.

Go up the elevator as soon as you enter the new building.

Free medkits and weapons as soon as you do.

You will walk outside on top of the building, use mind sense to look for your objectives.

Go left the bridge and you will see your first objective, leave a beacon there.

You will find another beacon placement red shadow here, use it so it can be shot down.

If you use your mind senses you can see the next beacon easily, once you see it walk to the center building again, find this catwalk and drop down.

If you do that trick you will end up next to an elevator that you need to go down, the last beacon is there.

Go up the elevator once you blow everything up. Once you walk through the door you will fight off antoher Jedi.

Do not touch those or you will get killed.

There's a control panel on the right side of this elevator, use it to go up. You are now sent to place a beacon in the central building you were.

Go inside and go up the elevator to fight off jedis and place the last beacon.

Now you need to disarm bombs, use mind senses and look at the gas tanks, the bombs are really easy to get to.

Fight your way through the enemies on the walkway, disarming bombs and you're done with the mission.