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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Hoth - Exterior

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As soon as you start you will see tauntauns infront of you, hop on one of them with the action button and follow the beacons, kill off the stormtroopers and abandon your mount to go in the cave.

First thing you see is a yeti, it might look tough but you just need to spam attacks and its satisfying to kill.

Right path after killing the yeti leads to a secret area.

Go out down the left path afterwards.

You're out of the cave, kill the stormtroopers, go left if you just want to go straight for objectives, right for a medkit but there's another fight. Grab a mount.

Follow the path left and you'll eventually see a large base.

When you see that, you want to go to the corner and jump over the wall.

Looks like this.

Deal with the enemies and head towards the big door.

Inside, first thing you want to do is get the elevator going up, not down.

Clear the room and use the switch to unlock a door on the lower level.

Theres a secret room behind glass. Force push to break glass.

Now that the door is unlocked, head down through the other elevator in the lower room.

Finally this door's unlocked.

Follow the path while killing stormtroopers, picking up weapons and provisions.

You will reach a door like this that leads out to find a cross-path.

First thing you see is a lot of stormstroopers, finally some fun!

You'd prefer to use this weapon instead of the lightsaber for them.

If you follow the path you will reach "echo base's" main door, but that's wrong, follow the cliff left after the stormtrooper encounter.

If you follow the right path you will see a stormtrooper on a gun defending a weird building, kill him and go around it.

You will see a forcefield protected entrance, destroy it by hitting the sides and crawl through the hole.