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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Rescue Mission- Nar Kreeta

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You start off in a tunnel, at the end of the path you will see a ventillation shaft on the left, hit the vent to go in the air shafts by crouching.

Following the left path you will find another destructable vent, hit it and drop down on the goons below you, kill them.

If you follow the path and end up in a green room, go left and you will meet more goons protecting a door.

Kill them off and grab the security key, and use it on the door right next to you.

Now you've connected with the first room.

Next up go all the way back and around to get to the main room, kill these two and go right up the elevator.

Fighting off the enemies, you see a switch, use it and the windows will roll up, now you can crouch through them to save the prisoners.

Go down and you the rancor will appear.

Do not try fighting it off, you can only hit it to distract it from the prisoners.

It cannot go through these doors so lead the prisoners to them.

Once you're done and you follow the prisoners, they will hand you a security key that will lead you back to the main room's locked door, use it there.

You go down an elevator into a cantina that will lead you to all other switches and it's filled with enemies after every switch pressed.

First switch you will find is up the elevator on the left after clearing the room.

Use the switch and drop down the window repeating the same thing you did last time.

Next switch you can get by following the arrows from the main room, just repeat the same thing.

There's always large shield boosters and medpacks on the bar counter.

Last one's here, take care of the enemies and rescue the prisoners, just be careful because the cantina has more and more traps/enemies as you progress. Mission over after you save them.