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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Capture Crime Lord- Coruscant

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As soon as you land you will notice you are stranded on a platform and the bridge ahead of you is destroyed, walk behind your ship and jump the gap.

Next area you need to jump to the car and across the building, there will be alot of jumping here.

Move around the left side killing everyone in your way.

Leap down to the next building and you will find a medkit down there.

Two enemies on the right, take care of them.

Keep moving forward, you will see a bunch of big crates, jump the gap behind them onto that platform down there.

Fight off more enemies leading you into a hallway.

You will find an elevator that you need to use, nothing special in this room.

You're outside again, follow the path and careful for the blasters.

Drop down the next area and destroy the barriers by shooting them on the sides or jump over them.

Keep going until you see these crates, jump up them and onto the next platform.

Run up this ledge once you're there to end up to the main door.

This will open and you'll need to fight off two jedis.

One of them grips you, use force push to interrupt any force used on you.

Go up an elevator and you will go in a room with 4 assassination droids, use a disruptor on them or you will not have a good time, they hurt bad and deflect your bullets.

That's the last fight and you're done, mission over.