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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Vjun - Castle Basement

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As soon as you enter bast castle, you want to enter the first door on your right, you will skip to a cutscene.

You will be asked to split, go down the opposite direction as your friend, crawling through the vents.

Oh boy, enemies. Quickly slash through them and press the switch on your right.

A door will unlock which will lead you into a fight with 3 jedi, help out your buddy and go straight into the room on your right, he will open the next door for you.

In this room you need to use force push or pull on the red pipes to drain the water while Kyle is holding the coil.

After doing so, climb the conduit to the next level.

New area, just go to the airtube and try to reach to the top while getting propelled.

You will have to jump up the generator in this room, watch out for the laser and just keep going up, time your jumps wisely and ignore Kyle, you can complete it without him.

Once you're at the very top of the tower, you'll need to pull the mirrors to redirect the lasers and create a power feedback to destroy the machine.