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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Emergency Assistance - Bakura

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First room on Bakura you will see a control panel that you use to check on cameras with it.

Goons will come out of the previously locked door on the left after using the panel, fight them off and go in.

Going up the halls you will see a laser trap and a door behind it, destroy the lasers and proceed.

There you will see the first bomb, disable it and head back down to go through the other door right.

It will lead you to a death trap room, use your Speed if you do not want to take damage.

More lasers! Use this weapon for most efficiency versus them.

Kill the troopers and the captain in the next area, you will get a Security Key.

Lasers are probably getting boring, take them out and go through the door.

You emerge outdoors, bomb number two is out there, disable it and head back in.

Go all the way back to the locked security door at the start, fighting stormtroopers along the way.

Unlock it with the security key we found in the captain upstairs.

Heading outside, you want to go all the way left first to your bomb number 3.

After fighting through the goons, you will find a security key from the guy defending the bomb.

Take the security key to the main building in the middle and open the red-lighted door.

Go up the elevator in the main room and go through the door to reach a checkpoint.

Slay all of the enemies and drop into the room.

Go into the room below and disable the bomb.

Last bomb is found in the next area following the path, you can check with Mind Sense aswell.

Run out back around the main building, but instead of going straight back, go left to the green door, it will lead you straight to your ship after a fight.