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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Force Theft Investigation - Byss

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As soon as the mission starts look for this green door on the right end side.

Going through it you'll just follow a straight path into loads of enemies.

When you go to the next room, you need to find this Imperial and kill him for a security card key.

It will open the door back at the area before fighting him. Leads to a lift.

Lasers in the next area, shoot them off with the disortion rifle.

Going through the lasers and a door, you'll end up infront of a switch that will disable the tractor beam.

A previously locked door will be opened now, head back.

Going through that door, you will meet a lot of enemies + heavy guards that will do anything to kill you, make sure you heal between fights.

You'll reach a hall after killing everyone in your way, there's a straight path to the ship's turret defences here, use them to shoot down the TIEs.

After you're done all you have to do is walk back. Kill everyone in the starter room to finish the mission.