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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Taspir 3 - Exterior

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As soon as you land on Taspir you will need to fight off imperials that are defending the first building on your right. Clear them all and proceed.

All you need to do is follow the path and go into doorways that are protected by stormtroopers.

First door inside the building will lead you outside to a switch down a pathway, press it and a bridge will drop behind you.

Go across it and you will find another switch that extends a bridge higher up. Press it and go all the way back.

As soon as you go back in the building head back left to enter a lift, proceeding into the next area.

Fight off all the enemies and head outside.

Here you can use your Grip or force push to handle them, the trick is with grip to kill stronger enemies is just to press and fling to the side instantly before they Force Push you.

All you have to do is kill enemies along the path going up the spiral.

Look for this crate on the last level, pull it into you and jump on it to go through a vent.

As soon as you get down, you need to go around looking for the imperial that drops the security key, just follow the path on your left, then go back to the door that required it.

Once you go outside keep following the rocky path on the right until you reach the next tall building.

Going up the stairs in it you will be greated by more enemies.

Go around the last room and find this door, go through it to end up on another bridge.

At the end of the bridge there's another building with only resources in it, grab them and go outside to end up on a cut off bridge that you can jump over.

Follow the path on the right killing stormtroopers and head down the ramp inside the next structure.

Going from structure to structure you will shortly end up outside again, having to deal with heavy guards and lava. Jump from building to building taking them out one by one.

At the end of the lava pit there's another door you can enter.

Go through the entire thing, killing off stormtroopers and going up a lift to end up on this walkway. Last enemy here. It's actually the bridge you extended at the start of the level through that switch.