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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Korriban- Tomb of Ragnos

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As soon as this mission stars you want to help your jedi friends out.

Afterwards head straight down going down the ramp on your left and follow the path all the way left.

First gap you can get over really easily, just stand on the rock and jump to the far left side.

Next gap you get through by force pushing over this pillar on the far left corner of this mission. Use Force Push and it will fall over, making a bridge.

Kill off the Reborn across the bridge by Force Grip twitching them into the bottomless hole on the right, then continue to the next gap.

This gap's not as dangerous, but a bit more tricky if you want to use this trick. You can always get out by jumping on the pillar thats lying on the wall right beneath you. Now, to do this trick, stay on the far right platform and jump all the way across to the flat sand that you can step on, staying on the right side of the wall.

It should look like this. From there, keep looking at the right side of the wall.

You should be able to see a small platform on the right, do the biggest jump you've ever done in your life and jump across the gap, while staying close to the wall.

If you do it right you will jump over and end up across with ease.

The first thing you see on your left is a big tomb, that's where you have to go. Go up the ramp to proceed.

A lot of Reborn here trying to kill you, but its just a small walkway and lava on both sides. Use this to your advantage, use Force Grip or Push to flinch them into it and clear the room.

If they grab you, as always, just use force push or pull.

Through the next set of doors, you see Tavion, the last fight for you.

The key to fighting her is to always move around, make sure you use protect.

Be careful for the scepter aswell, as she uses a deadly beam that you will need to jump over it. Always keep an eye on it.

Use Force Sense to keep track of her health and defeat her eventually.

You defeat her, destroy the sceptre and complete the most important mission in Jedi history. You did it.