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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Korriban - Catacombs

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You will be greeted by friends as soon as you land on Korriban, so you will not be fighting alone on this mission. Head down into the catacombs instantly and start clearing the Reborn.

This is probably going to be the most fighting you'll do the entire game, but you will have help so it won't be that much of an issue.

Keep following the catacomb path killing off all dual wielding and double bladed Reborn, it's not as bad as it sounds.

You reach a big hall and you have to handle a bunch of them by yourself if you didn't manage to save your friends, as they can die.

This coffin is actually lift, step on the platform and go down.

In the next room you reach a big door with a triangular lock and 9 stone slabs on the wall. Use Force Sense and Force Push them to match the symbols on the ground.

The door will open and a ramp downwards will be revealed.

You enter a room with a huge pillar in the middle, clear the jedi here and look at the wall on the left.

You can Force Pull the stones on it so you climb all the way up.

Up there you will be greated by another dual-wielding Reborn, take care of him and jump to the door on your left.

Go down the ramp and two more enemies will jump out of each side of the hallway.

You see a hole in the ground at the next area. Jump down.

You end up in a cave system, follow the lights.

You end up in some sort of a tomb, help out your friend and follow the path left.

On the far right side of the big hall you will see a hole in the wall, go through it.

Jump down the platforms and be careful not to fall in lava!

A circular room with stairways. Kill off the enemies here and proceed. The next room is almost the same.

Head down the stairs after the next room and you end up in a lava filled area, move around the right side and exit it.

There are two more jedi here in the next chamber, but you do not need to fight them. Instead run to the far back of the area.

You will find marble supports of a big object, slice them through and a door will open.

Return upstairs from jumping up on these platforms.

The door was right there, kill the last Reborn and go to the next and final mission.