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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough Taspir 3 - Factory

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Suddenly you're in some sort of ore-processing facility. Time for some straight-path walking again.

You reach some sort of a smelting room. It will begin another mini-gauntlet, be careful not to drop into the lava, but you can choke your enemies and push them into it.

Go down a lift, just to find more Reborn in the next hall.

Once you're in this big generator room with power coils, find the yellow pipes and leap onto them.

Once you've climbed the generator you'll get a short cutscene, keep hopping up until you reach a grated walkway.

Jump on the platform next to the walkway and fight off the Reborn here, careful not to get pushed off.

Enter the right door and follow the yellow path.

Once you reach this split, go left, as the right one is just a dead end.

Flip the switch in the next room, which will disable the force field and jump on the conveyer belt infront of you to continue. You will need to use Force Speed as the force field goes back up.

Once you're in the next area, keep going down the conveyer belt, avoiding the steam vents. Soon you'll see doors on the sides of the path.

Reach the end and look down, you need to drop onto the lower belt.

Once you're down onto the new conveyer belt, navigate through the steam vents again to reach a door that will lead you to a lift.

The lift will take you all the way up.

You head out into a new room, jump onto one of the ingots avoiding the steam and ride on it until you see a new door on your left.

It will look like this.

You enter a new area with a few Reborn protecting it, clear them and be ready for a puzzle.

Get on the conveyer belt to start it.

First wait for the smasher to go on one of the ingots, as soon as it does that it will open back up. You'll need to go through it fast or you'll get electrocuted.

Wait for the ingot to catch up and go through the force field with it.

Force Speed will be required to pass this part, wait for the ingot to catch up and go with it through the force field again.

You are finally out and as soon as you are, there's more enemies to kill.

Kill everything and head into the door on the right.

Jump out of it, and hop to the top of the room from platform to platform to reach Alona. You'll be given the choice between Light Side and Dark Side here. I'll be going for Light Side for the sake of the guide.

The choice is all yours.

After deciding to go for the Light Path, you'll be attacked by Alona. Be careful as she's way stronger than before, and you cannot Grip her into the pits around you either. Give it all you've got to defeat her.

Ofcourse, there's an easier way to defeat her, Alona still cannot use force push to push back your projectiles, so you can jump on one of the fuel canisters and shoot rockets at her.