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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough Kaldir 1: Harvest of Screams

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In this mission, you start off with a few zerglings. Start going forward but make sure you don't lose anything.

You will find frozen roaches along the way, make sure to get them.

And make sure you don't lose any.

After going forward a bit you will.. frozen solid.

You have to destroy the target to gain immunity to the flash freezes.

After a bit, you will be unfrozen and you will get 2 roaches.

Kill the matriarch but try to not lose anything to her.

Going forward, you will find a zerg base. Step into the circle to gain control.

After that, make more zerglings (use 1 or 2 larvae for them) if you lost any during the opening sequence or make as many drones as you can.

Tip: You can burrow your roaches to allow them to regenerate health faster.

Just make sure to make drones for now, that is your first priority.

After a bit, some zealots will attack you. Go back and don't let them kill anything.

Just before reaching the spine crawler, they will freeze.

Ignore them, because the spine crawler will be able to take care of them.

Go north to the protoss base and wreak havoc to the pylons and the units.

Make another hatchery and more drones while you're at it.

Make sure to target the units and pylons only, don't destroy the bigger buildings.

After you're done with that, destroy the buildings in the order.

Make sure you don't get intercepted while looking at your base though, like i did. You will lose to the incoming attack if you're not paying attention.

If you didn't pay attention, you will have to make more roaches and go back, otherwise destroy the enemy forces and make drones.

Kite them around until your roaches are done.

After destroying the enemy forces, continue the buildings to the north and make a hatchery there, close to the minerals.

If you're destroying the tower before a flash freeze, enemy units will start teleporting to you, so make sure you're either paying attention or destroying it during a flash freeze.

Make 2 evolution chambers to start on the upgrades.

Also, remember to spread the creep, as it is quite important and useful.

After every flash freeze, you will be attack by a group of protoss.

Remember to get your upgrades when the evo chambers are done.

During the third flash freeze, you will be attacked by Ursadons, so make sure your army is there.

After you're done with them, go north to the optional objective and complete it.

There are 3 roaches behind the matriarch, make sure you get them.

Don't forget extractors or making 2 drones per mineral patch and 3 per extractor.

Also, when going back to your base from the optional objective, you might get intercepted. Make sure you're paying attention.

If you accidentally made too many drones, make a bunch of spine crawler at both of your bases.

On the next few flash freezes, you're going to become as agressive as you can.

Attack the protoss bases and outposts on every flash freeze you can.

And of course, don't forget the creep spread.

Make as many creep tumors as you can.

But be careful, you will get attacked by the protoss after the flash freezes. That's when the spine crawlers become really useful.

Target the archons first, and never use zerglings against them.

On the next flash freeze, you are going to attack with eveyrthing at the main protoss base.

Also, remember to do the optional objective with your roaches and Kerrigan...

...while the zerglings are destroying the base.

Don't get cocky and continue the attack after the flash freeze has ended though. You will lose most of your army.

Just wait for the next flash freeze to finish off the protoss.

Attack the tower and...

...that is done with this mission.