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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough Umoja 3: Rendezvous

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Next mission you get to establish your base.

Start by making drones. The goal of the mission is to wait for the timer to run out and you will get lots of reinforcements.

The enemies will attack you quite often. Use the spine crawler and crushing grip to defeat them.

Make an extractor and make sure to have 2 drones per mineral patch and 3 drones per extractor.

Also, make a spawning pool...

...and a hatchery when you can.

If your first spine crawler dies, use the one on the left to destroy your enemies.

Make a second evolution chamber and start on upgrades after you have enough drones.

You should also start making queens and zerglings now. Your priorities are: Upgrades > Queens > Zerglings.

Abuse the spine crawler and crushing grip as much as you can.

Also, be sure to use the swarm queens to make creep tumors, as the creep helps you quite a bit.

Never use zerglings against helbats and firebats, only queens and kerrigan.

After you have a sizable force, attack the optional objective to the right.

Be sure to defend with the zerglings you have while doing so.

When you destroy the enemies around the caves... will get reinforcements.

With your queens and kerrigan, start moving out to the next optional objective.

Use Kinetic Blast on the bunkers and wait for them to burn down.

After that, start pushing with the queens and kerrigan and remember to make creep tumors.

Destroy the terran forces around the cave.

After the timer runs out, you will get a sizable force.

Nydus worms will start coming up from everywhere. Attack the terran base to the north.

After you're done with that base, go to the bridge.

Attack the enemy base with what you have.

You can go for the cannon if you want to finish the mission faster.

After destroying the cannon, you will finish the mission.