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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough Kaldir 2: Shoot the Messenger

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This is a mission where you have to protect key points.

You will get a new unit, the hydralisk.

They are powerful range units, but not durable at all.

Drone up for now.

Around the whole level, you will find random hydralisks. Go near them to take control of them.

For the first wave, stand over here and wait for the shuttle to come closer.

Make another hatchery while you're at it.

The Shuttles are a flying unit, so you need to make hydralisks or queens to destroy them, but i strongly recommend the hydralisks.

After dealing with the Shuttle, go to the east and you will find a frozen base. Destroy the enemy forces to take control of it.

Be careful though, because the protoss will attack your base quite often.

Make 2 drones per mineral patch and 3 drones per extractor, as per usual.

Build a spine crawler or two at your bases, because the hydralisks are a bit slow.

After you have a decent hydralisk force, you can attack small protoss outposts, but don't go all in and attack whole bases.

But be careful while you're at it, the protoss might attack your base.

After you're sure you have enough time, do the optional objective.

Make sure to build a few queens and make as many creep tumors as you can, the creep will be incredibly useful later on.

Always use Kinetic Blast on immortals if there are any nearby.

You can use Crushing Grip on the Shuttles to stun them, quite useful.

Make as many creep tumors as you can when spreading creep.

Try to expand your teritory, but don't attack the big protoss bases.

After you are sure you have enough free time, do the optional objective to the west.

Just destroy the Chamber and leave the base alone to minimize losses.

When doing the objective to the east, don't be silly like me and walk your hydralisks into the storms.

Use Kinetic Blast on the templar and then attack.

After you're done with that, there are a few hydras above the Chamber, make sure you get them.

Make around 10 queens and the rest should be hydralisks only.

The last wave has a mothership, that turns units invisible.

Destroy it to see the shuttle.

And after that is done, you've completed the mission.