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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough Kaldir 3: Enemy Within

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This is one of the most interesting missions, and my favorite one.

You control a larvae. Go forward until you find a neutral creature and use your first spell on it.

You will hide within it, and the zealot will just continue his way forward.

After he's off, use your second ability to consume the Lyota.

A sentry will start coming towards you, hide in the steam vents.

After he's off, continue forward.

You will find a giant Ursadon. Use your ability on him and... will take control of him. Destroy the protoss. You can use your ability on them.

After you're done, use "Consume Host" and continue your way through the vents.

Go into the circle and...

...mutate into Niadra.

You can make zerglings, and i strongly suggest you do.

Go forward, using your first ability on every creature you find.

You can take care of the protoss with the zerglings while Niadra is collecting biomass.

In the next room you will find a small protoss force with a probe.

I recommend taking care of the probe, since it will construct additional cannons.

After you're done with that, use the zerglings to go through the vents (Niadra is too big to fit in there).

Use the zerglings to destroy the generator.

After you are done with that, the force field that blocked the way before will open and you will be able to continue with Niadra.

Use the zerglings to go through the vents again.

Use them to destroy the cannon and the generator on the other side of the force field.

Now Niadra has access to this area. Destroy the Warp Drive.

After you do that, go to the place marked on the minimap. Destroy the archon first, since it will decimate your zerglings.

A timer should appear on the top. Try to get to the area before the timer runs out.

After you reach the place, the timer will stop.

After the force field opens up, just go to the next room and consume the biomass from the creatures.

You should be able to evolve Niadra even more now.

After doing so, you will gain access to roaches and more supply.

In the next room, be careful because the protoss will attack the creatures. Take care of the biomass with Niadra while your forces take care of the protoss forces.

The next room is almost the same.

You should gather enough biomass to evolve yet again in the room.

You should gain Hydras and more supply.

In the next room, you will find an Ursadon. Make sure you grab control of him with Niadra, as he will aid you.

Go in the next room and destroy the generator.

The next phase of the level is a bit hard. Make sure you're constantly reinforcing with Niadra, while your main forces are attacking.

You have to destroy the pods before the timer runs out.

There are around 5 pods in this room.

After you're done with that, destroy the protoss forces.

When it's over...'s over with the whole mission.