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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough Zerus 2: The Crucible

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In this mission you start off with Kerrigan and a new unit. The swarm host.

When you burrow them, they will send out locusts, ranged versions of zerglings.

They are not too powerful, but the ability to make free units is incredibly useful.

Destroy the primal zerg attack...

...and continue forward to the circle.

When you step into the circle, you will lose Kerrigan. She will be inside the chrysalis.

Like the usual, start by droning up.

The first wave of enemy forces will be to the left, so put your spine crawlers and burrow your swarm hosts over there.

Since the swarm hosts and the mutalisks require a lot of gas, make the extractors early, but don't put drones into them instantly.

Use your only available queen to creep spread a little. It's not entirely useful in this mission, but it is still not hurting anything.

You should be able to hold off the first way with ease.

Now you can put the drones in the extractors.

Also make a hatchery.

Move your forces to the right side, since that's when the enemy is going to be attacking next.

Make an expansion to the right. Usually, it never gets attacked so you can just leave it there without worrying about it.

Remember to make 2 evolution chambers and start on the upgrades.

Also, make a spire as we will need the mutalisks, and drones for the expansion. If you want, you can make a third hatchery.

You might have some trouble with the second wave.

Make a bunch of zerglings and make sure you killed the Ultralisk and you're golden.

You will gain an ability that you can activate from the top right of the screen. Use it on every wave, since it has a really short cooldown.

You should also start massing on mutalisks.

Don't forget to put drones on the extractors of you expansion, gas is really important.

After a bit, an optional moster will appear. I recommend you take it out right after it appeared on the map with your mutalisks.

He deals splash damage though... try to split your mutalisks up.

A bit after the optinal objective is started, you will get attacked on both fronts. Spawn the locusts and use the mutalisks to finish of the remains.

After you have ~30 mutalisks, start making swarm hosts only.

Also, your expansion might get attacked by flyers from time to time, take them out with your mutalisks.

You should have a big flock of mutalisks and a bunch of swarm hosts. Don't make zerglings unless you need some units really fast.

At around 5 minutes remaining, start using up all of your drones to make spine crawlers around the whole place.

Make as many as you can, but leaving a few drones at your main base to gather minerals.

Also, start splitting your groups of swarm host, ideally 3 groups for every entrance to the base.

Ideally, the area around the chrysalis should look like this.

Use your locusts at around 2min and 30 seconds remaining.

The last waves can be pretty tough, also defending the expansion at this point is unneded.

Use your locusts again as soon as you can.

If everything went properly...

...that should be the end of that.