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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough Zerus 3: Supreme

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In this mission, you control only Kerrigan and you are given a few other units from time to time.

In the beggining you get to learn your first ability. Leaping Strike.

You leap forward and deal heavy damage.

You second ability is called Psionic Shift.

You dash through the air, doing damage to anything you pass through.

You can use your Leaping Strike on the ground to go through gaps.

The optional objective is to collect Xel'Naga Relics.

Each one grants you one level.

Using Psionic Shift one shots zerglings, 2 shots hydralisks and is not that effective against roaches and ultralisks.

While fighting the hydras, you will get your third ability, Mend. You can heal yourself and units around you with it.

After you kill the hydras, you will gain control of the roaches that were helping you.

To easily kill an ultralisk, just use Leaping Strike on him twice and hit him a few times.

Be careful with the Hydra ultralisk combination, because it deals quite a high ammount of damage. Use Mend frequently.

The second relick is to the north. Use leaping strike and then psionic shift... kill most of the zerglings.

Going forward, you will notice more Ultralisk-Hydra combos. Use psionic shift twice on the hydras and then kill the ultralisk.

You will find more raoches along the way.

You will meet the first boss after you get your second set of roaches.

Dodge the red circles and attack him.

When he burrows away, he will leave eggs. You can kill the big one and leave the rest to continue attacking him.

When he stacks up a lot of eggs, use psionic shift to easily destroy them.

The big eggs hatch ultralisks, that's why you want to destroy them.

If you lose your roaches, don't worry, you can solo most of the mission with kerrigan only.

Sometimes he will start shooting a line of fire at you. Make sure you dodge it, as it deals a high ammount of damage over time.

You can burrow the roaches if you don't want to micro them and want them to stay alive as long as possible. Tip: Split them up if you do so.

While using his fire breath attack...

...he will rotate, so make sure you are on the move.

After a lot of fighting, you should be able to take care of him.

Go south and you will find some primal hydras and roaches that will aid you.

Going south, you will find a lot of eggs. Use leaping strike on the big ones and after that...

...psionic shift to destroy the little ones.

The third Xel'Naga artifact is quite easy to spot.

Destroy the 2 waves of primal zerg attacking you before going for the artifact though.

If you don't want a micro intensive battle, go with kerrigan only and destroy 2 of the eggs.

After that, the ultralisks will pop up.

Kill one with leaping strike.

After you've dealt with him, take the artifact.

You will restore your health and mana, making it easy to dispatch of the other ultralisk.

A large group of the primal zerg will attack you here. Be really careful, because kerrigan might die easily.

I suggest lots of kiting, since the ultralisks are a heavy punch.

Go forward and you will find a group of hydras and zerglings, use psionic shift to finish them off.

An ultralisk will bust out of the rocks though, so be wary of that.

You will gain more forces soon.

Also, you will find an easter egg if you follow the path from where the primal allies came from.

Go into the canyon and... will engage the second boss battle.

This one could be a bit easy. Just let kerrigan attack him...

...while he is shoting his darts at your primal forces.

Frome time to time...

...he will use a charging attack. Easy to dodge, but there's a catch...

...a lot of zerglings will fall down.

Take care of them with...

...psionic shift. It might now be hard, but you're not able to use Leaping Strike because of that.

The boss fight should be pretty easy.

After winning, you will will get an ultralisk of you own + a few hydras.

Going forward, you will find a lot of banneling-like zergs.

They don't explode instantly, making them easy to dispatch of. I recommend using psionic shift with Kerrigan, while leaving your forces behind her so they don't take damage.

To get to the final Xel'Naga relic...

...jump from over here...


Kill the enemies with leaping strike and 2 normal attacks.

Get the artifact and you're golden.

Going forward with your army, you will meet 3 enemy ultralisks.

I recommend using Kerrigan only against that army, otherwise you might lose a lot of your forces.

But you can get your ultralisk to tank if you are eager on using it.

Healing up an ultralisk takes a long, long time though.

I recommend leaving your army over here while going with Kerrigan alone.

Use Kerrigan to defeat the enemy forces.

You can...

...leap from ledge to ledge.

Taking care of the creapers and ultralisks should be no big deal.

Just use your abilities properly.

After you're finally done with the water section, continue forward with Kerrigan and your primal zerg.

You will meet the third boss.

This boss constantly spawns creapers.

Also, poisonous clouds.

Destroy most of the creapers with psionic shift and...

...put your forces to attack the boss straight on while trying to protect them with Kerrigan.

Don't worry if you lose them though, the boss is actually easier if you control kerrigan only.

Just slowly poke him with normal attacks and psionic shift.

It should be easy enough.

The final boss can be easy and hard in the same time.

I suggest not taking the time to micro your units, unless you're good enough. I only microed kerrings.

The phase where he attacks with his claws is pretty easy.

When he starts spitting out units, it can become quite hectic for kerrgian though.

Make sure you kill them as fast as you can.

If there are no ultralisks though, the waves of enemies should be pretty easy.

At around 10-25% health, he will start...

...spitting out energy. Make sure you dodge it.

It is quite easy with 2 of your skills allowing you to leap from location to location.

Just use leaping strike at him and you should take care of him pretty easily.

After you're done with him...'re done with the mission.