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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough Roach Evolution Mission

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In this mission you get to evolve the roaches. To start off, use your roaches to kill the neautral creature.

After that's done... will get the corpser strain roaches.

When they kill something, 2 roachlings will spawn.

Gather a few roachlings and attack the protoss base.

It should be easy enough to do so.

After you're done with that, you will get to test out the other roach strain.

TIP: Go to the west to find an easter egg.

Thsese roaches massively slow the enemies attack and movement speed.

Try to kite the archons, since they deal a lot of damage.

Destroy the protoss forces on the map.

It should be easy enough, since you get reinforcements.

In the end you get to choose which strain to get. I chose the Corpser Strain.