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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough Hydralisk Evolution Mission

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First thing you gotta do is kill the sunken colonies.

They are pretty easy, just dodge with the hydralisk you currently have.

After the first one, you gotta take 2 more out.

When you're done, you will get the Impaler strain hydralisks.

Mutate them into impalers.

Burrow them next to the ledge...

...and watch them wreak havoc.

Conitnue pushing with them.

After you're done... will get to experience the classic lurkers.

Burrowing them means destruction to every light unit.

They can destroy waves and waves of enemy units.

You will find a lurker den, you have to defend it.

Go south and burrow over here.

You will destroy everything with ease.

After you're done to the south, burrow to the north.l

You should get the choice between the Lurker and Impaler strain. I chose the lurker.