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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough Char 3: Old Soldiers

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You start off with a bunch of zerglings and banelings.

One word: Charge!

In the mission, you have to destroy the enemy base.

So destroy as much as you can before the timer runs out.

You will get reinforcements.

It doesn't matter if you lose your units, just destroy as much as you can.

You will get a second and final batch of reinforcements.

After the timer runs out, you will be only left with a base, a queen and a few abberation.

Start by droning up, as always.

Also, get your upgrades on the way as soon as you can (melee and armor)

You could also get another hatchery, but from what i gathered, it is not really needed in this mission.

Creep spread and drone until you feel like you have enough, and then start making as many abberation as you can.

Use the queen to make as many creep turmors as she can before she dies.

When you feel like you have enough, attack one of the enemy bases.

You could lose a lot of your forces, but it should be fine, because this is going to be one of those missions where you lose 90% of your army every 3 minutes.

You will also get nuked at random possitions a lot. I probably got around 15 nukes before the mission ended.

After you're done with the base, make an expansion there.

And make sure you build drones.

The enemy will send a lot, and i do mean a lot of squads attacking you. Problem is, usually they will be strong enough to destroy your spine crawlers, if you made any.

That is why creep will be so important this mission, make sure you spread it as much as you can.

When you have enough forces, i recommend attacking the base to the south east, since it is closest to your main base.

Like i said earlier, you might lose most of your army, but that should be no problem, just continue making abbeartions.

Don't get too cocky though, after you destroy a base, just back out, because you are probably getting attacked.

Like how i got attacked by around 10 vikings at that time...

Always attack something after you get attacked. Make sure to do the optional objective, since it will give you character levels.

When you can, attack the north base and destroy it.

When you do so...

...3 drones will be spawned for you.

Make an expansion, and make sure you make more drones for that expansion.

When you feel like you have a big enough army, attack the base in the middle, be careful though, since it is quite large.

And keep a watch out for enemy attacks, always back out to defend your expansions.

You can attack the middle base from this route as well.

The middle base will be hardest to destroy.

Don't forget the second science facility, like i almost did.

After destroying the base in the middle, continue forward.

Destroing the objective might prove tough, but you should be able to do it with enough abberations.

After doing so, the mission will end.