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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough Space 1: With Friends Like These

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This is a rather interesting mission that has probably been heavily inspired by the arcade map "Stars Battle"

You will automatically attack the enemy when you're near them.

You will be introduced to your first ability right after the first enemy.

You warp jump, going through everything in the way. I will call it blink.

Your second ability is unleashing fighters to fight your enemies.

You will be shown your third ability when you see a turret. Destroy the turret with the Yamato cannon.

The Yamato cannon deals heavy damage.

You will find a repair bot right after the turret, use it to restory to full health and repair all of your fighters.

After you destroy the next turret you engage...

...a bit station will appear. It will send allied flyers to your opponents base.

Gather minerals, and when you've gathered enough you will upgrade your ship.

There are huge mineral dumps around the map, but they are usually guarded by mines. Try to dodge the red laser targetters they use.

You can blink right through them.

After you have enough minerals... will upgrade your ship, increasing the number of fighters you have, the damage of your yamato cannon and the cooldown of your blink ability.

Go south. You will meet up some mines and enemy fighters.

A turret will be right behind them. Destroy it.

After destroying everything, you will meet an enemy warship and a repair bot. Save the repair bot for now and attack the warship.

The enemy will use an emp blast, stunning you, and will become invisible from time to time.

Use your yamato cannon and fighters on him.

When you get on low health...

...use the repair bot to restore to full.

After defeating the warship, you will get your final ability. It stuns enemies around you, like the warship, but it doesn't turn you invisible.

Continue pushing forward, and remember to grab every mineral chunk you find.

You will start fighting enemy battlecruisers more and more often during the mission.

They aren't too tough though.

If you get on too low health while fighting the enemy, blink through the debris over here.

On the other side, you will find a lot of mines and a repair bot. Tip: You can use your fighters to activate the mines.

Gather all the minerals and the repair bot and you should be pretty close to the next level.

Go back and finish off the structure.

A new allied structure will spawn in it's possition.

Continue forward, aiding the allied ships in destroying the enemy.

Make sure you grab the minerals to the south...

...since you will reach your next level with them. can destroy the enemy turrets with only one yamator blast.

Continue wreaking havoc on the enemy.

After destroying their third base, blink over the debris.

After getting the stash of minerals there. continue pushing north.

Grab the minerals over here and... should get the maximum level.

With the maximum level, it should be easy enough to destroy the enemy base.

Just be careful with all of the mines. They should be easy enough to dodge when you blink.

After some mine dodging and yamato blasting the structure, you should have destroyed it easily.

You just beat the mission.