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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough Space 2: Conviction

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You start off with Kerrigan only. Attack the terrans to..

..get reinforcements.

This mission has no bases at all. The mission itself might be a bit hard.

Continue forward and try to not lose many units.

Also, use your abilities as often as you can.

You will get reinforced throughout the mission.

Try to focus down the siege tanks, they can be quite the hassle.

Going forward, you will find a formidable terran force.

I managed to lose all of my units to them, but Kerrigan.

Try to do your best to not lose any units or die.

A circle will appear, step on it.

Kerrigan will become untargetable and you will get reinforcements.

Hold off the enemy units, do not allow them to attack kerrigan.

This section should be pretty easy.

After you're done, continue forward.

There should be two ways right after the gate. Go to the left and you will find a log.

Take it to gain a level.

In the next room, you will find 4 circles and a bit terran force.

I recommend killing off the terrans in the room (except the heavily fortified ones) and then activating the circles.

Start from this one.

This one next.


And this is the last one.

Wait for the infested terran to go in first and then attack.

You should be able to break their hold.

Continue forward. Let the infested terran charge in first.

After that, go for the Thor first and then the siege tanks.

You might lose most of your army in this fight, since you don't have enough time to let the infested terrans tank.

After succesfully destroying the terrans in the room... will take the elevator to this area.

This area can be quite hard, especially if you had losses in the last one.

I barely managed to survive the last fight. The marines in the next room won't attack you.

But they will run away into a larger force.

Try to take as little damage as possible.

After you have ~50 health...

...walk up to this spot and back away right after the tank shoots at you.

You should get reinforcements.

It should be easy enough after you do.

Destroy the gate.

After that continue forward into the big fight.

Continue to the corridor and you will get ambushed by a bunch of reapers.

Try to take care of them with minimum cassualties.

Continue forward and destroy the terrans.

You will get reinforcements.

Do not destroy the gate though, instead, go to the right.

You will be attacked by a small terran force and a perdition turret.

You will find the second log after them.

Grab the log and destroy the gate now.

You will have a final huge battle.

You will get some units right on top of the enemies, so it should be easy.

And this is the end of the mission.