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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough Skygeirr 2: Hand of Darkness

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This mission is a series of boss fights, but with base management. Start with drones.

Spreading creep is not required, but i prefer it, like every mission.

Make 3 evolution chambers and a hydralisk den. We're going full on upgrades here.

Strategy here: Abarration/hydralisk with some zerglings to back up.

Start on the upgrades right after the evo chambers are finished.

At around 1min and 20sec left of the timer, attack the hybrid. If you attack him early, the next one will spawn faster.

It shouldn't be too hard, if you're having trouble i recommend restarting the mission and building some units before attacking him.

There should also be a terran attack at some point.

Start making hydralisk aberation as soon as you can.

When you have the minerals, make another hatchery.

After having a big enough force, attack the second Hybrid. I only made zerglings because i had managed to lose some of my aberrations and hydralisks beforehand.

When your forces are big enough, attack the northern terran outpost.

It has an expansion location we want to take.

Make a hatechery and drones for the new mining location.

You should have one of your level 60 abilities if you did the space missions before hand. If you do, you should be able to easily destroy the enemy base at this location.

It should still be easy enough with the other 2 skills as well, especially drop-pods.

If you're into creep spreading, make 2 queens but only use them to make creep tumors.

After you're done with the base to the west, go to the north to go after the next hybrid.

You will find some terrans before engaging him.

Grab the Brutalisk before attacking the hybrid.

Grabbing the brutalisk will level up kerrigan and earn you a really powerful unit.

Also, while you're at it, make another expansion to the west and make drones for it.

You should be ready to attack the hybrid now.

This one makes illusions, i suggest destroying everything.

Try to build up your army a little.

Don't make the same mistake as me and go with almost nothing, cause i did lose it all.

I managed to make tons of aberrations and zerglings in time though, that's the awesome part of having 3 bases filled with minerals.

After you destroyed the terran base, go for the hybrid.

And after the Hybrid, go for the brutalisk near him.

After you have gained the brutalisk, it is time to push forward to the other hybrid locations.

There are terran outposts in the way, which should be easy enough to destroy.

Destroy the first hybrid.

After you're done with him, push north.

There is a small terran base.

Destroy it, and then destroy the pod the hybrid is located in.

The hybrid will come out of it, destroy him too.

After you're done, there will be 2 hybrid remaining. Destroy the pod if you have a big enough army to take 2 hybrids at once.

Just use your abilities ofter and... should be fine.

That would be that for the mission.