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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough Skygeirr 3: Phantoms of the Void

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You start off with the last unit you will get in the campaign, the ultralisk.

It deals a heavy ammount of cleave damage.

You also have Stukov. He has 2 unique abilities. First one spawns Infested Terrans.

Second one deals a heavy ammount of damage and increases the damage done to a target.

Destroy the protoss outpost... get a base. Drone up.

In this mission Kerrigan and Narud are shooting with their beams.

Build 2 evolution chambers and start off the melee and carapace upgrades.

Goal of the mission is destroying the temples, which will weaken Narud. To do it, you have to place Stukov in the circle.

After doing so, you will need to wait 60 seconds.

After you've droned up, make as many ultralisks as humanly possible.

While stukov is doing his thing, protoss and hybrid will attack you.

Using Corrosive Blast on the hybrids is essential.

After you're done...

...the purple bar on the top will push out the green one a bit.

Destroy whatever forces the protoss have at the expansion location next to your base.

Secure it after doing so, and don't forget to build drones for it.

After you have enough ultralisks, go to the south.

You will find a power crystal. There are 3 in total. Destroy it and Kerrigan will gain a level.

After you're done with it, go to the temple to the south.

Destroy the protoss and put Stukov in the circle.

This time flying enemies will attack you. You Stukov's infested terran and Corrosive blast to destroy them.

When you're done with that temple, go to the north and you will find a protoss outpost. (Don't attack the base to the east though)

Destroy it.

Explore the area, but don't activate any temples yet, unless you really have to.

To the north, you will find another power crystal.

A few void rays will try to defend it. Use infested terran and corrosive blast and it should be easy enough to destroy it.

After doing so, go for the eastern temple.

Go into the circle with Stukov and defend him.

Nothing special about this temple, just some hybrids, stalkers and zealots.

After you're done, go far to the west and you will find the last power crystal.

As per usual, it should be easy enough.

After that, go to one of the temples and let Stukov do his thing.

With all of the ultralisks you should have, it should be pretty easy.

After you're done, go to the last temple.

This one should be the easiest one, since the mission ends after you complete it.

And that is that for mission number 23.

Final: 1. Planetfall

This is the first of the final missions of the game. Drone up.

In this missions we have to defend the virophages that fall down from the sky.

They fall down after a certain ammount of time.

Make a second evolution chamber.

And upgrade the Lair to a hive.

When you have enough, make a hatchery.

When the virophage starts constructing, you will get some reinforcements and 2 spine crawlers.

There are 3 strategies i can think of. First one, the one i use, is mass ultralisks. It is easy, and doesn't require micro. Second one is mass broodlord, but you need the mutation for that. Just as easy, if not a bit easier. Third one is mass zerglings, but you need to be playing on lower difficulty for that.

Be careful with zerglings and helbats... it could ruin your day if you need those zerglings.

You could destroy the terran outpost a bit to the north. But don't go anywhere after that.

The next virophage location is over here, make sure you have your forces ready.

This will be the last virophage that gives you free spine crawlers. Also make sure to use the free creep tumors.

If you get attacked by any army with helbats, get your zerglings back and use whatever else you have to destroy the helbats and then the zerglings will be okay to join in.

You can build a single queen to spread your creep. Not required, but recommended.

The third virophage location is right behind a terran outpost.

It should be easy enough taking care of it.

When you have a big enough army and you are sure you are done with any attacks coming at you, attack the west base.

It is the location of the next virophage and an expansion location.

Expand over there. You will need the gas a lot.

When you're done with the base and have enough forces, go for the optional objective to the north. It is not completely needed to be done, but there is an achievement.

When you have big enough forces, attack the base in the middle.

It could be a bit hard, but you should be able to manage without phenomenal forces.

Wheb you're done with it, go for the optional objective to the east.

Make an expansion when you're done with the optional objective.

The location of the next virophage is here, but you should have enough time before it is down.

Go do the optional objective to the north before the last virophage is up.

It should be pretty easy to destroy.

If you went for it too late, you will probably have your base attacked by the terran. Go and destroy them.

Two battlecruisers should attack you. It might be a bit hard fending them off with kerrigan only, but if you kite them and use your abilities it should be easy enough.

After the virophage is done... will be time to destroy the last terran base.

Should be easy if you have ~15 ultralisks and your ultimate ability.

After you're done, mission over.