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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough Mutalisk Evolution Mission

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Start off by using your mutalisks to kill the enemy mutalisks and broodlords.

After doing so... will get the broodlord strain mutalisks.

Mutate them into broodlords.

Now stat attacking the terran base.

It should be extremely easy, just attack move to the middle of the base.

After you're done... will get to test out the vipers.

Move them to the other side of the river and then use the abduct skill on your aberrations.

Destroy the siege tanks.. using your abduct skill on them...

...allowing your aberrations to attack them.

Go forward until you see a bunker.

You will get your second skill, Blinding cloud.

It disables enemy units and buildings from attacking.

Abduct all of you aberrations on high ground.

And finish off the enemy forces by using blinding cloud on them.

After doing so, you will get to choose between the 2 strains. I chose the viper strain.