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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough Ultralisk Mutation Mission

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You start off with an ultralisk, kill everything in your way.

You will find a reactor. Destroy it.

You will gain 2 ultralisks and...

...all of the ultralisks will mutate into the Noxious strain.

These ones deal a lot of damage to the units surrounding you.

Just go forward and destroy everything you see.

Go into the circle.

After a short cinematic, you will get 3 new ultralisks. Go forward and destroy the terran outpost.

After doing so, the ultras will mutate into the...

...Torrasque strain.

These ones are really tough because...

...when they die, they don't actually die. They can revive.

Go forward and destroy everything.

You will get more ultras.

Destroy the terran units and the science facility.

After doing so, you will get to choose between the two strains. I chose Torrasque.

Final: 2. Death From Above

You start off with Dehaka, who is rather strong.

You have 2 active abilities. Burrow and mend. Quite self explanatory.

Your passive ability is to...

...jump up and down cliffs. Rather interesting.

The last thing you gotta do is destroy the power link.

After destroying it, you will get a base with kerrigan. Drone up.

You can't creep spread in this mission, your creep tumors will keep getting destroyed if you try.

You can take the army you start with to destroy the base to the south, and i highly suggest you do so.

After you're done with that, make a base there and more drones for the said base.

I believe the best unit for the mission is the ultralisk. You might be able to do it with a combination of mutalisk/viper, but it would be a lot harder to do so.

You can spread creep between the base and the expansion though.

Strategy is simple, make as many ultralisks as you can.

After the timer runs out, you will get another Dehaka subobjective.

This is the reason you cannot creep spread.

You will get your third active ability with Dehaka here.

It pulls the target towards you and stuns it.

I suggest going to the low ground and pulling the siege tank to you.

Then when you're on the high ground, pull it yet again.

The rest of the fight in the area should be easy enough.

Since you'll be facing marines and ghosts.

Go on...

...and it's no problem if you lose dehaka somehow (i probably got distracted).

...since he will respawn after a bit.

Continue going forward.

Destroy the power link and...

...the field that damages you will be down.

After you've massed up a lot of ultralisks or muta/viper, you can attack.

Should be pretty easy if you have the Torrasque strain.

At around a min and 30 seconds left, go back.

After the timer runs out, you will do a third and a final dehaka sequence.

You will get a new ability, that will spawn 2 mini-dehakas to fight for you.

After defeating the initial terrans, you will get a primal zerg group.

Should be really easy taking out the terran outpost ahead.

There are enemies on the higher ground, so be aware of that.

Remember that the terran will attack your main base while you're controlling dehaka. If it's flyers, Kerrigan should be able to take care of it.

Continue with dehaka and destroy the power link.

After destroying it, you will get Dehaka with a few primal zergs added to your army.

It is time to wreak havoc upon the enemy base.

If you're going for mass ultralisks, it should be incredibly easy.

The last area is heavily fortified, but with ~15 ultralisks it should be a piece of cake.

After you destroy the psi disruptor...

...mission over.